We are currently buying mineral rights in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Eastern Kentucky, Texas, and Wyoming.


Please contact us for a quote on your minerals rights.


Why Sell your Mineral Rights?


- You need immediate cash and cannot wait to see if a well is drilled.


- Eliminate the risk of being unlucky and having a dry well drilled. Do you want to gamble with something this valuable, or sell for a big profit?


- You want to hold onto some of your Oil & Gas Rights? We can make that happen. We are willing to buy just a portion of your mineral rights giving you immediate cash and the potential for future profits.


- You want to turn a depleting asset into something that can grow? Oil and Gas, like all minerals, are a depleting asset. Once a well is drilled and produces, the amount of oil and gas becomes less each day. The cash you can receive now gives you the opportunity to invest in something now that will grow over time.